Denim on Denim Done Right: Trips and Tricks For Mixing and Matching Denim

Like a fine wine, denim is the style staple that gets better with age. It evolves constantly, it can be dressy or grungy, it is modern and vintage, and deliciously versatile.

Yes, I said it, denim is the fine wine of fashion.

According to our summer forecast, this season will be sunny with 100% chance of denim everywhere. Denim shorts at the beach, denim jackets paired with the perfect sundress, and a denim bag to top it off.

The thing is, "denim on denim" can be intimidating. How do you balance the fine line between looking awesome and looking like you stepped out of a 1960s Western? How do you avoid looking like JT and Brittney circa 2001? It's easier than you think.

Let's start with the basics.

Mix Different Shades 

The greatest thing about denim on denim is, you don't have to match. In fact, it's better if you don't. Different shades balance each other which allows you to double up on denim.


Pair Your Look With Simple Shoes

White sneakers or a nice open toed slide for summer is your best option.


2 Is the Magic Number

Pick two items, any two. Book bag and jeans, shirt and shoes. Double up your denim but try to avoid over-doing it.


Use Accessories

Pair your denim outfit with jewelry to break things up a bit and add pops of color. Some cool dangle earrings or tassel earrings for summer will do the trick!


Keep Hair and Make Up Simple

A little highlighter, a little mascara, and maybe a red lip. Don't feel like you have to overcompensate for the simplicity of the outfit with big curls or Instagram braids. Natural texture tucked behind your ears or up in a top knot is for bringing it all together.