Inside the Inspiration: David Bromstad X Kipling

The highly anticipated David Bromstad x Kipling luggage collection debuts this fall at and in Kipling USA stores across the county. Inspired by the Golden Age of Travel, Bromstad’s collection celebrates days when travel was an opportunity to express your individual style, a time when “the way people were dressed and their luggage was a complement to their lifestyle."

The luggage pieces and travel accessories were designed around the intersection of art and travel, and how they impact unique personal style. While dreaming up a design for this one-of-a-kind travel collection Bromstad's goal was to "bring back the classic era to the modern day,” which he did effortlessly with three fanciful prints-- Pack & Stack, Hello Adventure, and A Bit Vintage.

In the days before yoga pants and slippers were acceptable at the airport, David was inspired by the time "when taking a flight somewhere was an occasion and people dressed up to go to the airport."  Jumbo jets, blockbuster movies, and free wifi came years later, and during this time there was no airport security! Many things have changed since the golden years , but style remains.

From the fun and fanciful destination lining, to the graphic exterior prints, this collection screams vintage while embracing the modern technology and innovative design of this year's must have luggage."I wanted to have fun with exotic destinations, vintage travel pieces, and related artwork of that time period," says Bromstad.