Life Before and After Beckett (Our New Handbag Organizer)

When life gets messy, our handbags get messy. It is a simple fact of life. No matter how organized you are and no matter how many times you've read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, gum wrappers and loose change will always end up at the bottom of your bag.

With that in mind, we put our design team to work. We asked/begged/forced them to create an accessory that will keep our handbags organized once and for all.

Enter: Beckett. Designed to contain chaos, Beckett features six slip pockets on the outside and four mesh pockets on the inside to keep your handbag/tote bag/diaper bag organized. .

But, we didn't stop there. We found the least organized person in the office and we asked her to put Beckett to the test. Here's what happened...


Upon further inspection it appears that our anonymous volunteer is carrying A LOT.


It is unclear how she can find anything.


So, we asked her to spill it allll out onto the floor.


Seriously, all of it.

Then we asked her to find a spot for everything using Beckett.


Impressive, don't ya' think?


A place for everything.




And with that, my friends, we confirmed that Beckett can organize the most cluttered tote bag on the planet. What was life before Beckett? We can't remember.

Feeling inspired? You can pick up a handbag organizer here.