Meet David Bromstad's Puppies

Few things are more important in life than a "man's best friend." Kipling sat down with David Bromstad to dish about his adorable puppies and why they make him so happy. :)




What are your dog’s names?

Dozer and Bon-Bon .

    What breed are they? Did you plan on this specific breed or was it love at first sight? They are French Bulldogs and I simply adore the breed. They were chosen for sure, but always love at first site.     When did they become a part of your family?

Dozer is the older brother and has been with me for 10 years plus. My little spicy Bon-Bon has been with me for almost 5 years now.

    Do they have different personalities/quirks?

Do they ever! Dozer is more relaxed and snores like there is no tomorrow. He is sweet and lovable and wants to just chill out most of the time until it comes time to play ball. My little Bon-Bon is so energetic and full of life. She is super cuddly, always wants the attention and extremely jealous if you're petting Dozer and not her. She will actually make her way right in front to ensure she is getting her fair share.

    Where is their favorite spot in Miami?

They love the dog park. They have friends there and that is their favorite place to socialize.