Star Shots - Gina Rodriguez on

At Kipling, we can't get over the magnificent smile of Gina Rodriguez all fancied up in her floral print dress. We want a tad bit of her bubbly enthusiasm as she participates in the Kipling Make Happy campaign. She is the new face of Kipling's summer lineup and a Golden Globe winner in her own right for her creative work on ABC's Jane the Virgin. We love reading about our brand everywhere in the news, but this particular post on takes the cake! We see Gina literally jumping off the ground next to the white Volkswagen van. We aren't sure which is more electric -- her or the balloons in the background. Either way, if you run into her this summer as she participates in our pay-it-forward-style campaign on college campuses across the U.S., say hello. Visit our website to peruse Kipling's summer and fall bags for every occasion.