Tips For A Saturday STAYcation

Who doesn’t love summer fun? A backyard BBQ here, a beach trip there—a weekend getaway for two or ten! So many of us live for hot summer nights but you can burn out pretty quickly after one too many luaus. Sometimes, the best part of the summer is staying in on a sweltering night and blasting the AC and eating ice cream by the big screen. So why not make your Saturday Vacation, your Saturday STAYcation. Pull up a chair, throw on your Snuggie, and grab a clay mask because this Saturday is made for Y.O.U.

Here are some tips for a perfect Saturday at home.

Grab your nail kit and give yourself a full mani-pedi! Fill up the tub with extra bubbles and soak your toes, buff, scrub, file and paint! Next, pamper your hands . Brush, cut, file, and paint! Don’t forget the lotion.


Order in! Order yourself a Chinese buffet—and don’t for one second feel guilty about eating that third fortune cookie! No need for cooking, messes and  dishes. Don’t even bother turning your car on or hoping on the hot subway, just let the food come to you. What have you done for yourself lately?


Do that Pinterest craft you’ve been waiting to try for so long. With beautiful blogs, filled with step-by-step instructions, and beautiful imagery to help you along the way—what is stopping you? If it’s a Pinstrosity, don’t worry. We won’t tell.